2. VIP Platinum Member

the All New VIP Experience

What is the V.I.P program?
Body Beautiful has introduced a V.I.P. Program as a way to say Thank You to our clients. The program lets you earn your Body Beautiful discounts and rewards.

best laser pricing

No Annual Fee

Stay Up-to-date

Platinum Member

Platinum members get exclusive access to our deals page and many more perks for being a body beautiful fan. To become a Platinum member, you must be an existing Gold member, have completed two services, and refer a friend that has completed a treatment.


$50 Instant Saving

Platinum VIP Members get a $50 off instant saving off any laser treatment


Preferred Scheduling

Preferred Scheduling (if there's an opening you'll get priority).


exclusive rescheduling

Access to our exclusive rescheduling number


Access to VIP Deals Page

Platinum VIP's Gain Access to our VIP deals page


First Access to Flash Sales

First access to flash sales such as Black Friday and Laser Season Sales.


Manufactures deals

Access to our Social Media post which includes the latest updates on Manufactures deals


Text Message Scheduling

Access to text message scheduling


Emails, Blog & Sales

Blog posts and Sales emailed directly to you

How much does it cost?
The program has no annual fee. However, members may need to meet requalification requirements such as social media engagements, etc. call for details. 

VIP membership discount is for laser treatments only and may exclude some specialty laser treatments.

Annual Platinum Qualifying Fee

1 year of access

Optional Annual Platimun Qualifying Fee